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Marcel Leutenegger

Max-Planck-Insitut für biophysikalische Chemie

Am Fassberg 11
37077 Göttingen

+49 551 201 2512

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MATLAB toolbox
MATLAB toolbox

Improve computation speed and accuracy with high performance assembler routines replacing/extending built-in functions. Extend MATLAB with an extended precision class providing calculations in the native floating point format of the processor for maximum accuracy or use single precision floating point calculations for maximum performance.

Speed-up vector calculations or download the full source code. Build your own MATLAB extensions and track version/copyright information with MEX-Builder. Interactively control the Flex99-12C and Flex02-08D USB correlators.


Balanced SOFI
Balanced super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging

Super-resolution microscopy based on the spatio-temporal cross-cumulant analysis of fluorescence fluctuations.

Optical nanoscopy
Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Stimulated emission depletion microscopy in the evanescent field and fluorescence spectroscopy in sub-attoliter volumes. Observation of lipid dynamics in cell membranes with correlation spectroscopy as well as direct tracking of diffusing lipids at the nanoscale. Search for novel fluorophores and photochromic fluorescent proteins yielding unprecedented spatial resolution in living cells.

Laser Doppler imaging
Laser Doppler imaging

Non-invasive non-contact monitoring of the blood microcirculation in dermal tissue and brain. Assessment of burn wounds and blood perfusion in skin. Intraoperative mapping of the activity of cortical brain regions connected to specific tasks a patient executes.

Focus field calculations
Focus field calculations

A comprehensive framework for calculating excitation foci and fluorescence detection efficiencies at interfaces.

Dual-color TIRF fluctuation spectroscopy
Dual-color Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy

Dual-color fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy and 2D fluorescence intensity distribution analysis with an evanescent excitation at the cover slip-sample interface for coincidence studies at the surface or in supported membranes.

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy on subwavelength apertures
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy on subwavelength apertures

Confining the sampling volume in fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy with a subwavelength aperture in a thin gold film. Trans-illumination FCS measurements show a reduction of the sampling volume by more than an order of magnitude compared to confocal instrumentation.


Beam confinement by subwavelength apertures
Beam confinement by subwavelength apertures

Diploma on the theoretical modelling and the numerical computation of light transmission through subwavelength apertures in metal films. The experimental verification was delayed and finally postponed due to time-consuming fabrication of suitable samples.

Computation of custom made photonic crystals
Computation of custom made photonic crystals

Semester work on the theoretical understanding, the computation and the evaluation of 2D photonic crystals. Download an introduction in the numerical computation of photonic crystals and the simulated behaviour of some particular configurations.

Realisation and test of a passive magnetic bearing
Realisation and test of a passive magnetic bearing

Semester work on the numerical simulation, the evaluation and the experimental verification of a self-contained magnetic bearing for high-speed rotors. Take a look at the design and the assembly of the successfully tested demonstrator.

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