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The Flex99-12C by Correlator.com is an USB single-channel auto-correlator and dual-channel cross-correlator, respectively. This MATLAB interface provides an intuitive and simple access to the correlator hardware. It features automatic storage of the sample data, live preview of the correlation curve, parameter extraction for a single component and afterpulsing suppression.



Unpack the archive in a folder of your choice. Install the Flex99OEM-12C driver by Correlator.com. Copy the SDK library "Flex99-12C.dll" or "Flex99OEM-12C.dll" into the private folder and rename it to "Flex99-12C.dll". Start MATLAB and call "flex99.m".


Screen-shot of the graphical user interface

Figure 1: Graphical user interface to the Flex99-12C correlator


The MATLAB interface to the Flex99-12C USB hardware correlator is published as freeware. The author reserves the right to modify any of the contained files.

You are allowed to distribute this package as long as you deliver the entire, original package for free.

You are allowed to distribute modified versions of export.m, fitcorr.m and shutter.m as an extension package. In particular, you are not allowed to distribute a combination of modified files with other parts of the original package as a single archive.

Path File Description
/ Flex99-12C.pdf User manual
flex99.m MATLAB interface
Readme.txt Summary
private/ export.m Save the correlation data to a file
fitcorr.m Extract the parameters
flex99c12.dll MATLAB interface library
flex99c12.m MATLAB interface help
shutter.m Automatic shutter control


Any warranty is strictly refused. Don't rely on any financial or technical support in case of malfunction or damage.

Comments are welcome. I will try to track reported problems and fix bugs.


June 22, 2004

Initial release

September 1, 2004

Bug fixed in control.dll.

May 4, 2005

Release 1.1: A user manual was added, as well as zooming into the correlation and resizing of the main window.

May 26, 2005

Minor updates of the help file.

October 25, 2005

Release 1.2: Added a context menu to clear and hide the intensity traces.

July 19, 2006

Bug fix: substituted CPUTIME by NOW for compatibility with MATLAB 7.x.

July 19, 2008

Bug fix: file name template specification now compatible with MATLAB 7.x.


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