Workshop on Brain-Machine Interface Systems 2017


Contributions to the BMI workshops are done through the SMC submission and reviewing process. To ensure that your paper gets proplerly assigned to the BMI session, be sure to select the option for BMI Workshop Regular or special session papers. In both cases, do not hesitate in informing the workshop chairs about your submission via email.

Accepted special sessions

Important: When submitting to a special session, please be sure to enter the session code as listed here.

  • Adaptive Neurotechnologies. Organizer: , R. Scherer (TU Graz, Austria)
  • Advances and Novel Methodologies in Neurofeedback based Brain-Computer Interface Systems. Organizer: V.A. Prasad, Kavitha Thomas (NTU, Singapore)
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces for motor, avatar and Virtual Reality control. Organizers: C. Guger (g.Tec, Austria)
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces: Research in Communication, Control and Human Cognition. Organizers: C.S. Nam (North Carolina State U., USA)
  • Designing brain-computer interfaces for users with motor and cognitive disabilities. Organizers: R. Chavarriaga (EPFL, Switzerland), M. Grosse-Wentrup (MPI Tuebingen, Germany)
  • Machine learning and signal processing for brain and neural computer interfaces. Organizer: Dongrui Wu (DataNova, USA), R. Chavarriaga (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Multi-modal Brain Computer Interface and Physiological Computing. Organizer: V.A. Prasad, R. Neethu (NTU, Singapore)
  • Neuro-Interfacing Wearable Robots: Current State and Future Steps. Organizer: Jose L. Contreras-Vidal (U. Houston, USA), J. M. Azorin (Miguel Hern├índez University, Spain)
  • Real world applications of Brain Computer Interface systems. Organizer: V.A. Prasad, S. Kavallur (NTU, Singapore)
  • Wearable BMI Technology for Thought Identification and other High Information Content Applications. Organizer:J. Libove (Furaxa Inc, USA)

Please click here to download an electronic version of the Call for Papers of the BMI workshop.