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In Short
This locomotive is member of family Eurosprinter. It was developped in 1997-1998 by Siemens in cooperation with Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works. The first three units were built in the Siemens factory of Wien and completed in 2000, the 17 next were mounted in China by ZELW. These locomotives haul heavy coal trains. In commercial service since 2002.
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CR DJ1 0001
to 0020
Factory numbers: ?
approved for China
first built 2000
purchased by CR in 2002
Main Technical Details
manufacturer Siemens AG Transportation Systems
and Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works
product name EuroSprinter
product description asynchrone electric freight locomotive
top speed 120 kmh
power system 25kV 50Hz AC
axles / wheel-arrangement 8 / Bo´Bo´+Bo´Bo´
weight 184 t
length (over coupling centers) 35.232 mm
continuous power rating 6.400 kW
continuous traction effort 540 kN at 42,70 km/h
starting traction effort 700 kN
maximal braking effort 461 kN until 50 km/h

A half DJ1 is a development of Siemens ES64F1 for 25 kV 50 Hz, with only a single driver'cab. The continuous power rating is lower - 3,2 MW instead of 6,4 MW - and the body length is shorter: distance between bogie pivot is reduced from 9900 mm to 9000 mm. Two machines are permanently coupled back-to-back. DJ1 is member of the second generation of Eurosprinter: The converters are built with GTO as the first generation. Only the body seems like first generation. Each nose-suspended asynchronous motor is drived by a separate IGBT frequency converter. After upgrade of railway infrastructure, these machines could be ballasted up to 200 t, in order to have a 760 kN starting effort.

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