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This class provides floating point calculation in the native floating point format of the processor. The extended class stores data with 64bit mantissa instead of 53bit in double.

The class is intended for calculations depending critically on the mantissa length. Summing a large with a small value generally leads to a truncation error of the small value to fit into the mantissa. The extended precision relaxes this constraint, useful to verify the accuracy of a numerical result.



Unpack the archive in a folder that is part of the MATLAB path. The class functions reside in the '@extended' folder. For Pentium III compatible computers or newer, the folder '@extended/SSE' contains optimized functions. Move them into the '@extended' folder for use, or delete them.


The functions should always reside in a subfolder called '@extended' to make sure they are not called for any data except of type extended. In general, they do not check the data type of input arguments.


The class provides access to extended precision constants. For a built-in function, MATLAB calls always the double precision function whenever no input argument is given. To get an extended constant, use:

pi(extended) pi
eps(extended) 1.08E-19
ones(extended) 1
realmax(extended) 1.18E+4932
realmin(extended) 3.37E-4932
zeros(extended) 0
rand(extended) uniformly distributed random number
randn(extended) normally distributed random number

The class provides all arithmetic functions, the matrix multiplication, and most elementary functions as with the double class. Currently, none of the inverse matrix functions (division, inversion, decompositions) has been implemented. Wrapper scripts are supplied, which call MATLAB built-in functions.


Due to the native execution by the processor, the performance is affected merely by memory throughput. An extended value occupies 10bytes instead of 8bytes. Memory access may be faster if the data were aligned at 16byte address boundaries. Though, the current implementation minimizes memory consumption by packing consecutive values closely together.

Numerical accuracy

In general, a statement of inverseFunction(function(value)) produces value with a relative error of less than 1E-16. The roundoff error of about 1.1E-19 leads to relatively important deviations in exponentiation. Note also that in particular addition/subtraction in the argument of a logarithm are critical operations due to a relative amplification of the rounding error. The logarithm itself works accurate over the full complex plane R x iR. For the sake of performance, the inverse transcendental functions are currently not implemented in that way. See also the summary about complex functions.


These routines are published as freeware. The author reserves the right to modify any of the contained files.

You are allowed to distribute this package as long as you deliver the entire, original package for free.

Path Files
/ Readme.txt
@extended/ abs.dll acos.dll acosh.dll
all.m and.m angle.dll
any.m asin.dll asinh.dll
atan.dll atan2.dll atanh.dll
cat.m ceil.dll char.dll
cis.dll cis.m colon.dll
complex.dll conj.dll cos.dll
cosh.dll ctranspose.dll diag.m
disp.m display.m double.dll
end.m eps.dll eq.dll
exp.dll extended.dll extended.m
eye.m fix.dll floor.dll
fprintf.m ge.dll gt.dll
horzcat.m imag.dll int16.dll
int32.dll int8.dll ipermute.m
isempty.m isequal.m isfinite.dll
isinf.dll isnan.dll isnumeric.m
isreal.m ldivide.dll le.dll
log.dll log10.dll log2.dll
lt.dll minus.dll mldivide.m
mod.dll mpower.m mrdivide.m
mtimes.dll ndims.m ne.dll
not.m num2str.m numel.m
ones.dll or.m permute.m
pi.dll plus.dll pow2.dll
power.m prod.dll rand.dll
rand.m randn.dll randn.m
rdivide.dll real.dll realmax.m
realmin.m rem.dll repmat.m
reshape.m round.dll sign.dll
sin.dll single.dll sinh.dll
size.dll sprintf.m sqrt.dll
struct.m subsasgn.m subsindex.dll
subsref.m sum.dll tan.dll
tanh.dll times.dll transpose.dll
tril.m triu.m true.dll
uint16.dll uint32.dll uint8.dll
uminus.dll uplus.dll vertcat.m
xor.m zeros.dll
@extended/SSE/ mtimes.dll true.dll


Any warranty is strictly refused. Don't rely on any financial or technical support in case of malfunction or damage.

Comments are welcome. I will try to track reported problems and fix bugs.


March 2, 2005

Initial release.

March 11, 2005

Service relase. Bug fix in power.m.

May 2, 2005

Service release. Function numel.m and version information added.

May 24, 2005

Service release due to an error report by Carlos López. Function num2str.m added and subsasgn.m fixed for empty inputs.

May 12, 2008

Bug fixes for prod.dll, mtimes.dll and sse/true.dll. Optimized routine for calculating the exponential according to Agner Fog, "Optimizing subroutines in assembly language," at Copenhagen University College of Engineering.


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