Fred Ross's Website

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I am a graduate fellow of the Rockefeller University working in John McKinney's laboratory at the EPFL. My previous training, at the University of Virginia, was in physics and mathematics. I am also an amateur violinist, a sometime poet and composer, a student of several martial arts, particularly pa kua zhang, and a cook.

See also my curriculum vitae, a description of my research, software I have written, or what makes me tick. If you are new to biology, you might be interested in a list of resources I have assembled.

All my writing is organized in a linearly numbered series (FJR0001, FJR0002, etc.), with a few keywords to make it easy to search for things you want. This may seem suspiciously like a blog. The difference is the time scale. I expect everything here to be exactly as interesting in thirty years as it is now.

FJR0024 - Advice for the matriculating student [txt]
FJR0023 - A trip to Japan [txt] [tar.gz (5.3MB)] (travel; Warning: Large! Lots of pictures!)
FJR0022 - A selection from ten years of verse [txt] (poetry)
FJR0021 - Olympus IX-81 Chassis Commands [txt] (microscopy)
FJR0020 - The apothecary's balance [txt] (physics)
FJR0019 - A clean calculation of the Luria-Delbruck mathematics [txt] (math,biology)
FJR0018 - A rant about a rejection [txt] (biology)
FJR0017 - Determining affine transforms from three points [txt] (math)
FJR0016 - Passage to the Vallée de Joux [txt] (travel)
FJR0015 - Conservation of energy [txt] (physics)
FJR0014 - The material derivative [txt] (physics,math)
FJR0013 - Drying categories [txt] (math)
FJR0012 - Copenhagen (October 2008) [txt] (travel)
FJR0011 - Italy with U--- (June 2008) [txt] (travel)
FJR0010 - Pa Kua seminar, Padova Italy (May 2008) [txt] (travel)
FJR0009 - ELMI Conference, Davos, Switzerland (May 2008) [txt] (microscopy,biology,travel)
FJR0008 - CERN Open Day (6 April 2008) [txt] (physics,travel)
FJR0007 - Paris (March 2008) [txt] (travel)
FJR0006 - The Lockless-Ranganathan formalism [txt] (biology,math)
FJR0005 - The unit circle deformed [txt] (math)
FJR0004 - Corsica and Paris (August 2006) [txt] (travel)
FJR0003 - Intrinsic and extrinsic noise in gene expression [txt] (biology,math)
FJR0002 - Hamburg and Dresden (March 2006) [txt] (travel)
FJR0001 - Some basic results in Fourier analysis [txt] (math)