2002: Master Degree in Computer Science (with honors), University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Master Thesis subject: P-ICE Peer-to-Peer Inexpensive Computing Environment (Java)

This project was done at Digital Copyright Technologies AG (Echandens), a company working on research and implementation of watermarking algorithms. The aim of the project was to provide a distributed program able to watermark a huge amount of image data. The resulting code was able to achieve very high distributed efficiencies (79%), and resist the hardware failures by auto-loadbalancing the tasks. The computers added in the network are able to announce themselves (broadcast) and integrate seamlessly in the workflow.

Grade obtained: 6/6

1998-2001: Computer Science studies at University Of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2001: A Proposal for the Pessimistic and Optimistic Discrete events schedulers for multi-agent simulations (Java)

The goal of this project was to propose a solution for integrating Pessimistic and Optimistic (synchronous as well as asynchronous) event driven schedulers in the same simulation. The project proposed to define the synchronicity on the event level, and then implement globally the desynchronisation detection and resolution (time warp, rollback). The resulting prototype was able to guarantee constant-memory rollback buffers by defining the local virtual time (LVT, maximum time of an event in the scheduler queue) and implementing the adaptive algorithms for the size of the rollback buffer ("Global Virtual Time" minus "Local Virtual Time").

Grade obtained: 5.5/6
2000: Multi Agent simulation of an ecosystem in the Jura region of Switzerland (Smalltalk).

The aim of this project was to provide a multi-agent simulation platform for an ecosystem composed of terrain tiles (patches) and cowherd. The evolution of terrain tiles was modelled by a set of differential equations, and behaviour of the herd by the autonomous "agents". These cow-agents were simulating different actions (move, eat, drink, rest) parameterised by the real-world values. The time they spent on a particular tile influenced the vegetation on those tiles, which then provided the evolution of vegetation through several years (up to 30).

Grade obtained: 5.5/6, project helped to obtain state funds for several PhD theses.

Work experience

2005: Project Manager at the Information Technology Centre, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

My work focuses on different aspects of collaborative services such as shared documents, distributed agendas and other tools, united under the banner of MyEPFL academic portal. My tasks as a project manager are:

2003-2005: Analyst/developer in the Computer and Information Technology Centre, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Analysis, architecture and development of the MyUNIL academic portal project.

University of Lausanne (UNIL, Switzerland) has launched a portal project in 2003. Today, the MyUNIL portal is opened to the 15'000 users community.

My work was focused on the following three aspects of this portal project:

  • provided services
    Access to personal disk space, webmail, news feeds, personal and institutional bookmarks, transcripts (with grades), administrative file, access to educational documents and papers provided by professors to their students and various search engines.
  • user categorization methodologies
    Different services are provided to the three main categories of people present on the campus: Students, Professors and Technical Staff. Every person belongs to one or more groups. The services are provided on a per-user and per-group basis, which allows a tremendous flexibility needed in such a decentralized environment.
  • technical expertise /developpement
    LDAP based group handling, Webdav storage access, XML feeds from legacy database, Linux-Tomcat-MySQL-Jahia J2EE environment


MyAgenda prend son envol - CI-NN, mars 2011

Un outil d’agendas partagés dans MyUNIL - i-Ci, Journal en ligne du Centre informatique de l'Université de Lausanne - n°29/ avril 2010

Le portail intègre les actualités - i-Ci, no 6, 6/2004

MyUNIL le bureau virtuel de l'UNIL - Flash Informatique 10/2004

MyUNIL : enquête auprès des utilisateurs - i-Ci 6/2005

2002-2003: Architect/analyst/developer in Digital Copyright Technologies, Echandens (Switzerland)

Work on the Master Thesis subject (see Education)

Analysis and the architecture of the XML-driven image processing workflow using the JMS specification


Active opensource developer, mostly working on my Linux audio app, Freecycle.


Linux Format review

Loop-based Music Composition With Linux (review by Dave Phillips - Linux Journal)